There's a lot to be said for serendipity.  If the Great Pumpkin hadn't risen from the pumpkin patch every Hallowe'en, then Charles Schulz couldn't have written about it.  Contrarywise, if the strange magic of the universe hadn't brought John, Paddy and Dave together into the same orbit, then the world would be a sonically poorer place without Slombers Woke.


With effortless songwriting and beautifully crafted songs, there's no wonder Slombers Woke are gaining great notoriety on the Isle of Wight music scene and further afield.  Their melodic, catchy anthems display faultless harmonisation with hints of great British songwriting.


Following their warm reception at four years IOW Festivals, Altitude VF, Rhythmtree, Library London, Flummoxed, Foxton Locks, Notting Hill Arts Club and four years V-Dub Island Festivals, they've shared their original songs and harmonies with a range of audiences at Festivals, libraries, burlesques, bars and bandstands.


Our adoptive brothers in the warm Woke family, Ollie, Ben and Uncle Mark, have now spread their wings to soar at different altitudes.  New at the kitchen table are Rob and Kev, mug in hand, each bringing their distinctive grooviness to the Woke bottom line.


This year sees Slombers Woke taking that wealth of experience into the studio, and bringing an enhanced band to forge acoustic loveliness on the anvil of unconventional venues.

The  Woke Journey